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Professional stone engineering contractor and professional rough stone importer Yu Lay Marble Development Co.,Ltd

was founded in 1984. It is a professional stone engineering contractor and a professional rough stone importer. At present, it has merged with an interior design and decoration engineering company. Its mission is to provide high-quality stone materials and high-quality construction quality. It has always been based on integrity. The purpose is to serve customers, establish YU-LAY brand and goodwill, and win the trust of customers.

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The main business items include various granite, marble and other stone trading and stone engineering design contracting, screening rough stones from foreign mining areas, manufacturing high-quality stone products with the latest design and manufacturing technology, and supplying domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and construction projects. Customers provide comprehensive solutions and are committed to providing the best products and services.

Over the years of operation, it has been focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, and has continuously improved product quality and service standards. Members of construction, civil engineering, land management and international trade cooperate in division of labor and perform their own duties. They serve customers with the principles of professionalism, high quality and integrity, establish the brand name and goodwill of YU-LAY, and win the trust of customers.

My professional team, rich practical experience, and the introduction of professional software and hardware system equipment such as computer design, pay attention to construction and engineering safety, and win the favor of owners with excellent quality and service.

Most of the service objects are large-scale construction companies such as: Farglory Construction, Yuanyang Construction, Runtai Construction, Xindongyang Construction...etc.


Business philosophy: "integrity, innovation, service, care."
  • "Integrity" is the basic concept of enterprise management,

    YU-LAY has always adhered to the principle of integrity, and firmly believes that only such a belief and mission can drive the team's centripetal force, so that the enterprise and the society can win and benefit together.

  • "Service" is the core of thinking from the standpoint of customers.

    Solve with wisdom to meet customer needs and win recognition and trust.

  • "Innovation" is a sharp weapon for enterprises to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

    With the strength of the elite team, YU-LAY Company continuously activates and absorbs the new technologies and knowledge used, and stimulates new thinking and logic.

  • "Caring" emphasizes that life is priceless and work safety is a priority.

    Adhering to the intention to interact with the society to introduce a good cycle, we actively care for customers and the general public externally, and regard employees as invaluable assets internally.

YU-LAY Chairman - Lee Yi Ping

Won the title of World Outstanding Celebrity and became famous internationally

Lee Yi Ping, chairman of Yu Lay Marble Development Co.,Ltd, has not only won awards in China, but also has a reputation abroad. Recently, the World Outstanding Chinese Public Welfare Award held in Malaysia won the World Outstanding Celebrity List. She is the only woman in Taiwan who has won the award. entrepreneur!

Lee Yi Ping runs her business with an attitude of gratitude and giving back to the country and society. Lee Yi Ping believes that when she has the ability to give back and implement corporate social responsibility, she should take personal actions to care for every corner of the society. It is the responsibility and obligation of a human being.

  • Malaysia Extraordinary Achievement Award
  • 018 National Architecture Gold Award
  • 2019 National Architecture Gold Award


The development of Yu Lay Marble Development Co.,Ltd is mainly aimed at collective housing, luxury house construction projects, landscape engineering, professional teams, rich practical experience, and the introduction of professional software and hardware system equipment such as computer design, attaches great importance to construction and engineering safety, with excellent quality and service Get the owner's favor.


Cargo address and contact number

  • Head Office (Finance Department)

    No. 49, Gongguan Road, West District, Taichung City

    TEL:(04)23754786 / FAX:(04)23761753

  • Kitakura

    No. 138, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Bali District, New Taipei City

    TEL:(02)26107393 / FAX:(02)26107395

  • Taimingcang

    No. 312, Taiming North Road, Wuri District, Taichung City

    TEL:(04)23750202 / FAX:(04)23730303

  • Nancang

    No. 650, Anzhao Road, Yanchao District, Kaohsiung City

    TEL:(07)6169599 / FAX:(07)6167166

  • Hualien Warehouse

    No. 68-6, Huadong Road, Hualien City

    TEL:(03)8242855 / FAX:(03)8246255

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